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2024-09-15 06:39 pm
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How's my driving?

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2015-09-16 11:38 pm
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Riding the blood: If Toby tastes your character's blood, she can experience the memories of that character. Note, this has it's limitations, both ICly (seeing someone else's entire life at once would probably drive someone mad, so it's usually memories focused on whatever she's focused on at the time) and OOCly, meaning should this arise, we can work out specific memories, etc.

Illusions: basic illusions (making herself look human instead of fae), and things a little more complex (dont-look-here's, hide-and-seek's and the like). They may or may not be subject to other people's abilities to see illusions themselves. Though her illusions are pretty crappy, she has decades of practice at her human guise.

They may be able to see through her illusions, in short. As aforementioned, her human disguise is long-practiced, and likely the most people will be able to tell is that there's a sort of glimmer or hint of something 'not quite right' to the experienced illusionist, or other fae (or characters who can see the fae, specifically, for what they are).

Her other illusions are crappier, and it's very possible a skilled illusionist could see through her don't-look-here or hide-and-seek, unless she really exerted herself.
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2013-01-03 01:01 pm

Toby's Dreamscape

Toby's Dreamscape is a twilit garden, branching gravel paths, strange flowers (though an abundance of roses), and a pale sliver of a moon hanging above--a Cheshire Cat moon, like a smile without a cat. It's the sort of golden twilight fairy stories are made of and--as in all the oldest tales--there are things in here that bite, claw, or smile as they draw the knife, hidden among the roses; lighted piksies, wild and incomprehensible, rose goblins, memories, always the blood-red roses, and more. In the center of the garden is a tower, locked unless you're given permission, and surrounding the garden, a low wall made from the same stone as the tower. Both wall and tower seem to glow dimly, a steady illumination in the half light.

There's fennel for you, and columbines; There's rue for you, and here's some for me )